Our Brewing Process

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Step 1 – Brew

We search far and wide for the finest organic teas to create our unique brews. White, green, oolong or black, every tea that forms the base of our flavours comes from the one-and-only Camellia sinensis plant. We pay close attention to temperature, aromatics and extraction, steeping each brew for just the right length of time. Persnickity? Perfectionist? Call it what you like. No detail is too small on brew day.


Step 2 – Ferment

The attention to detail doesn't stop here. No two teas ferment the same way, and to express the unique character of our teas, every flavour is fermented separately. We meticulously monitor our natural ferments in order to capture a perfectly balanced brew every time. Individual ferments mean more work for us…and more goodness in every bottle.


Step 3 – Infuse

With an aim to accentuate rather than overwhelm, we carefully marry our raw, living brews with select natural herb and botanical infusions. With no added fruit juice to dilute the flavour, our 100% pure kombucha allows the tea to shine through, showing the true colours of Goodmore.


Step 4 – Enjoy

Refreshing, uplifting and undeniably delicious. Our unique brews aim to inspire a little more goodness in your days. Cheers!