Fermented Goodness


At Goodmore Kombucha we are serious about flavour! And so we should be after spending 15 years making wine around the world. During our adventures we fell in love with the way fermentation can transform even the simplest of ingredients into so much more. From the moment we first tried kombucha we were fascinated—who knew fermented tea could be this delicious, and leave us feeling great? Returning home to Nova Scotia, we were excited to share our inspiration. And so it began...

We craft our kombucha with the same passion and attention to detail that went into our winemaking. Starting with carefully sourced teas we add natural botanicals with a light touch, ensuring our raw, living brews are decidedly tea first. Our small-batch ferments celebrate our natural ingredients and offer uplifting and refreshing flavours that will bring a little more goodness to your day.

We hope you enjoy drinking Goodmore Kombucha as much as we enjoy making it.